End of Round and beginning of next

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End of Round and beginning of next

Post  Spem Land on Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:39 pm

So the round has ended and I believe that we have performed creditably. A third place finish behind the freak donator Soly in arabic (he must be a prince or something... he just flushes his cash down the tube!) and the very experienced and very good Damage Inc. All our other rivals were vanquished, some rather far behind. Also, a considerable improvement on power and average power over last round speaks to the considerable personal improvement of many of our members. So congratulations all round. Well done COD. We also had the rather significant pleasure of seeing NPO whom Asperia deserted us for finishing way of the pace in 9th. MASH was also far behind, about 3 million power less than us, and average power more than 100,000 less. The next round will be starting soon, and I hope to see us there again, this time challenging for higher honours!

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