Final Strategy - short manual

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Final Strategy - short manual

Post  LuisRick on Sun Mar 16, 2008 3:49 pm

This strategy is called send aid, drop, farm, power jump, kill...

How to take down DamageInc:
ok guys. all what are you doing atm is you provide farms to Damage Inc. I am sick of it now.
therefore, lets do something. Im not saying that this strategy is the best, but at least we gonna do something.

1. First of all, please save some turns!
2. Sent some aid to mates down to top 150 players, but carefully. Choose those, that can actually do something about it (have lots of retals, nice land, balanced army, etc). Select some and go ahead. You guys bellow, attack your retals, gain land up to 15k, change to pluto if you are not (should be playin facsim till 14K land) and tech up everything... we want you to see in top 80 asap
3. Now you are gonna drop. This is what Damage inc guys are doin. they drop and attack.
4. Pick up your targets - check how much land they have (all of you in top 60 should have spy sats already), how much successful attacks, defends they have, what government they are playin...
5. Before you attack! Consider that your techs especially unit build are high, therefore, when you attack and after you regenerate to 95% readiness, change your budget... You don't want to power jump again. I usually go 50% TPs, 20-40% Army. YOU ALL NEED TO PRODUCE AT LEAST 15.000 TPs during this procedure.
6. Attack without ally power!!! Only in case you loose 2nd or 3rd, use some ally power.
7. You all want to gain at least 3K land...
8. Now, invest some TPs into funds and tech development, I am level 22, 23.
9. If you have still some turns, use them attackin, while you are generating even more TPs...
10. Don't forget to build spies and tech them up too. You don't want to get spy raped, especially your TPs.
11. After you generate at least! 15000 TP, stop and save up more turns. I will have to take this risk, but withot risk there is no win...
12. After saving up turns, it's time to get to Damage Inc guys. Now you want to upgrade power-speed-health especially of ya troops, generate lots of regular troops, jets, ships and then comes the power jump. Save at least 10.000 TP and upgrage especially your ships to b/s and submarines, then jets to tank destroyers and supersonics, and even som troops to rpg, flame or navy troops. you probably won't power jump more than 30-40 places.
13. Now comes the truth - you should guys take down as much Dinc guys as possible, and do even more power jumps to get rid of them. I know, that there would come aid from top Dinc guys, and retals, but you can still do something about it.

At least you guys try to do something and not just letting ourselves beiing farmed and staying from ranks 20 and lower... we want to get to the TOP 20, at least 5-7 of us!!!
This strategy is open, if anyone one make some ammendment pm me!

good luck


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