Target's for 3/3

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Target's for 3/3

Post  ASPERIA on Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:27 am

Any one who is in this range should be a good hit for land # 32381 Hermapolis rank#115, power 41K.... #33026 rank#114, power41K.... # 31733 Hammer rank#132, power 39K.... remember hit the lowwest power factor that you can & work your way up the food chain & don't forget you can attack someone other then *MASH*...... Ar2...200sx (punks) look at the alliance board often & see who is creeping up on us, tell some one in your range to help you hit them & double team or triple team thier ass.... 1 hit each & your out!!!! don't attack same guy 3 or 4 times move on to a new target!!!!! post targets that you think will be a good hit here or pm them to your counter parts....Spy before attacking if possiable or look on the fourm hear for I said before you know what you are doing or you wouldn't be up this high in rank so keep up the good work & feel free to tell me or Dan what is on your mind or any suggestions you might have.... tongue silent clown


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