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Game Strategy

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So obviously our objectives are to destroy MASH while at the same time increase our own power. To a great degree our power will be increased as we gain land for ourselves. Getting into this high of level in the game takes some intelligence so if you are in this SA you should have a good idea of what you are doing. For the most part youíll continue playing the game as you normally would, we just want to specify targets and modes of attack. If you have problems or questions ask anyone in the alliance through the forum, someone will be able to help you out. Abha and I would really like to encourage teamwork through aid as well as mutual attacks. Weíll try to monitor everyoneís situation but if you need aid ask, and try to be specific.

Mostly we will be designating MASH targets. If you are not in a position to attack donít. Itís more important that you attack effectively than attacking simply because there are targets posted. On a similar note donít waste your alliance attacks. Try not to attack a country twice in a twelve hour period, if you do donít do it with alliance attacks after the second time. When attacking MASH try to attack the targets we specify if they are out of range for whatever reason attack the lowest ranked player possible and work your way up the alliance roster. This goes for spying as well. If you see a prime target outside of MASH by all means attack them, just donít make too many enemies. Any intel you collect post on the forum, this is mostly how we determin our targets.

When you are finished attacking please ensure your army readiness is at 100% and your ambush is up. This usually means donít attack with less than 30 turns. Also make sure you collect your bonus turns each day, they add up. These arenít hardcore rules but try to follow this as much as possible. Remember this is a team game so play as a team, this is the only way weíll achieve our goals. If you have any target ideas let us know, mostly weíll try to coordinate with the whole alliance.


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