Short and Medium term goals

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Short and Medium term goals

Post  Spem Land on Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:08 pm

Ok everyone. All members welcome. At this time,

States of Sero 3891
Abha 3675
chlann 2215
Black Night 2600
Hopedale 3508
Twerk 2426

are in this power group. Amber and myself (Spem Land) will be trying to organize the group and we'd love your input/ assistance. Now as COD our aim is obviously to win. The whole thing. To achieve that objective we'll have to work together and work smart. I believe we're smart, so its about working together and making sure that the info we have is shared with everybody.

OK since our long term goal is clear, let's look at our medium term goals. I first goal should be to get enough land to really make a difference. Everyone of us should be looking to have 10,000 land within the next week as a bare minimum. To get to 10,000 land everybody here needs to increase by about 7,000 land. That means roughly 1,000 land per day.

For us, I'd suggest that we look to get 300 land per attack for right now. That means 2 very important things to note
1) You can expect to get 9 or 10% of someone's land if you are the first country to successfully attack them in the last 12 hours. Less otherwise going progressively to 0. So lesson being don't attack anyone with less than 3,000 land, and try to attack only targets that haven't been attacked in the last 12 hours. Of course this means you'll almost always be facing alliance defends. Smile .
2) You need to make at least 3 successful land attacks per day. Seeing as you have 3 alliance attacks and will be facing alliance defends.... Well you can do the math Shocked . Bear in mind that you can get attacked as well, so maybe u need to make 4 successful land grabs a day.

OK, the aim of this is not to make you play a certain way or to change your playing style. For instance, I don't build turrets, some of you may. I build troops, ships, jets... others may build other units. Amber's a spy guy. I'm not so much a spy guy, at least not for offensive purposes. You guys may differ. However, we do want to make sure that everyone expands their country in a reasonable manner.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't said anything about M*A*S*H so far. There's a reason for that. The reason is mash don't got no land. So attacking mash shouldn't be our priority. Our priority is to win. To win we need land. And mash doesn't have land. You'll find as you increase in land you'll get stronger, and we can collectively deal with mash ringleaders who go too far - i.e. mass missiles, attacks. But if someone attacks you 2 or 3 times and fails, no biggie. Amber and myself will be monitoring the situation and will try to organize retaliations. Let us know if there's anyone u think needs to be hit. But as a general rule, such hits don't do us much good, and so we'd like to stop doing it so often.

Spem Land

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Re: Short and Medium term goals

Post  Amber on Mon Mar 03, 2008 5:51 am

Very well stated spem land. There really isnt much left for me to say but lets get em!!


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