Gaining power, and hurting our enemies

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Gaining power, and hurting our enemies

Post  Loridian on Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:11 am

Ok, here is a few tips and suggestions. Some of this stuff most of you already know, but it's good to hear it again anyway, and if i'm wrong about something someone plz tell me, it's not like it would be the first time lol. A lot of things add to our power lvl. Number of units, tech points invested, superweapons, money in the bank, war general lvl, amount of land, etc. I think a common mistake is that some ppl don't think about what certain things do to their country. For example, if you build a missile, it adds to your power, making you vulnerable to attacks from higher power nations then you would be anyway. And when they attack you, does that missile give you any protection? No, it doesn't. Same thing with money in the bank, and unspent tps, they raise your power, but they don't help defend your country. Also they can, and will be stolen, there are a lot of spy heavy countries out there. I would suggest not building any superweapons at this point, if you really must build one, make it a defensive sat or something that will help defend you or a spy sat that will help you gain more power. Missiles are useless right now if you follow the game plan. They are for bringing down an enemy way above you, or for revenge against a hated enemy, neither of these things will help the alliance right now.
Also remember what the second goal is : to hurt our enemies. Many of these enemies will start getting aid from their top members, that's ok, we sorta want that to happen. We ca not efficiantly attack those higher members right now, but if they are constanly losing units to shared defends, and sending aid out to countries that we keep beating up, then they will start sliding down the ranks as we go up Smile Also what are 2 things that a country CAN NOT get in aid? Land, and spies, so when we have a target, we want to make sure that we can take at least one of those away from him. You spy guys can be very useful; when we find a good target, you should start buy stealing any money/tps they have, then murder their spies, and if you can, kill off some of their lowest troop type. Killing the spies is important, because when they get aid we can steal it if it's cash, and if it's units we can murder them more efficiently then a battle might do it.
Well i think i have rambled long enough, i think i forgot a few things, but i'm sure i will remember, good luck everyone!


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