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Post  Loridian on Sun Mar 02, 2008 3:53 am

Ok, I know that i will not be on a lot in the evenings, so I wanted to post "fall back" strat. in case you don't hear from me or States for a while. Our main objective is to hurt MASH, and at the same time gain power for ourselves. I am going to post under the general section about gaining power, so please also read that. To do the most damage, gain the most power, and give the least chance of a dangerous retaliate when the player gets back online, i think we want to atack the lowest targets possible. So altohugh we are in the 150 to 200 ranks, our targets will often be bellow 200. This also means that after a hit or 2 the target will be out of range, so i plan on each morning making a list of targets. Start at the top, and hit each target that is still in your range, and as many targets as you have turns for. Remember to always save turns to rebalance your army, get readyness back to 100% and set your ambush. Generally this means not attacking if you have less then 30 turns or so, remember a lot of ppl are using the def. general skill that makes you lose more readiness. For now, hit the lowest MASH country that you can hit, remember only to hit him/her 1 or 2 times, if you're still getting land after that, turn off your alliance attack if you want to keep at them. Good luck everyone! See you in the trenches!


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